Hutton and Yocca Eliminated on the Bubble

WSOPC Ring Event #7: $300 Seniors
Level 17: Blinds 2,500-5,000 BBA 5,000

14 / 117 Remaining

There were two all-in and call at the same time on different tables on the money bubble.

Tracy Hutton had jammed from the small blind for 37,500 and Steve Lopes called in the big blind.

Tracy Hutton: KsKd
Steve Lopes: Ad10s

The board ran out AsAh10d5hKh for Lopes to flop the nut full house, while Hutton’s rivered full house was no good.

However, there was also the preflop all-in contest between John Yocca and Shawn Rice with the former at risk for around 100,000 and in dire shape.

John Yocca: 8d8h
Shawn Rice: QcQd

Both had essentially battled for several hands and it all came down to this crash for Yocca, who found no miracle on the AhJc2c6d9h board. Since Hutton and Yocca busted on separate tables, they chopped the $500 min-cash.

Shawn Rice – 315,000
Steve Lopes – 140,000
Tracy Hutton / Steve Lopes – Eliminated in 15th Place ($250 each)

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