Elvis Mercera Eliminated in 8th Place ($950)

WSOPC Ring Event #6: $300 PLO
Level 19: Blinds 4,000-8,000
7 / 117 Remaining

Elvis Mercera limped in the cutoff and so did La La Sengphet on the button. Alessio Isaia raised the pot out of the small blind and Mercera called all-in, while Sengphet also called as well.

Isaia jammed near instantly on the Qh4s2d flop for 36,000 and Sengphet went into the tank. Ultimately, she made the call while admitting she only held a gutshot.

Elvis Mercera: AhAd3d2c
Alessio Isaia: KcKdJd10h
La La Sengphet: 9s7h6h3s

Nothing changed yet on the 10c turn but the 9d river gave Isaia the king-high straight.

“What can I do,” Sengphet sighed after she was priced in and became one of the short stacks. For Mercera, the eventful run came to an end in 8th place.

Alessi Isaia – 245,000
La La Sengphet – 60,000
Elvis Mercera – Eliminated in 8th Place ($950)

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