Dinner Break With 19 Remaining

WSOPC Ring Event #3: $400 Monster Stack
Level 20: Blinds 8,000-16,000 BBA 16,000
19 / 197 Remaining

The remaining 19 players have been sent into a scheduled 90-minute dinner break. In the final hands of the level, Cyril Vannier vanished when he ran with pocket sixes into the pocket nines of Jacky Beauvais.

There was another all-in call as well in which Jose Duzanson three-bet jammed for 62,000 with the AsQh. Alexandre Assedo called with the KcJd and Duzanson improved on each street of the QdJh9cQcAh board.

Jacky Beauvais – 900,000
Alexandre Assedo – 360,000
Jose Duzanson – 162,000
Cyril Vannier – Eliminated in 20th Place ($850)

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