Debs Doubles a Third Time; Dickerson Goes Runner Runner

WSOPC Ring Event #5: $300 Ladies Event
Level 15: Blinds 3,000-6,000 BBA 6,000
6 / 43 Remaining

Heather Alcorn opened to 15,000 from under the gun and then called the shove by Nathalie Debs from one seat over for 27,000.

Nathalie Debs: QcQh
Heather Alcorn: 10d9d

The Ks8s7c flop was a sweat and the 10h turn gave Alcorn even more outs but the Qd river kept Debs in contention.

Veronique Croes then raised the button and called the shove by Wendy Dickerson for 20,000 in the big blind.

Wendy Dickerson: 10d9h
Veronique Croes: Qc9c

The dominated hand got there with running diamonds on the 8d5d5cKd6d board for Dickerson to double.

Debs then got value from Alcorn when she bet the river of a king-high board for 12,000 and tabled the Qd8s for queens and eights to chip up even further.

Heather Alcorn – 210,000
Nathalie Debs – 85,000
Veronique Croes – 65,000
Wendy Dickerson – 46,000

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