Culot Beats Lech in Showdown

WSOPC Ring Event #2: $400 Bonus Stack
Level 22: Blinds 8,000-16,000 BBA 16,000
8 / 169 Remaining

Chip leader Ljubomir Josipovic raised to 40,000 in the cutoff and Karthik Ramakrishnan then pushed for more than 400,000 in the small blind in order to win the pot uncontested.

Up next, Michael Lech min-raised and Philippe Culot came along in the big blind. They checked to the 7s7d4dAcAh river on which Culot bet 20,000. Lech called and mucked a seven once Culot revealed the As10c.

Ljubomir Josipovic – 1,250,000
Karthik Ramakrishnan – 450,000
Philippe Culot – 450,000
Michael Lech – 290,000

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