Casual Four-Way All-In Busts Jhangiani and Lech

WSOPC Ring Event #6: $300 PLO
Level 8: Blinds 300-600
49 / 111 Remaining

Eric van der Burg was all-in for 4,200 and earned a call from Angelo Kociper. Rajesh Jhangiani then jammed all-in and so did Michael Lech as well. Kociper gave it some consideration and called.

Eric van der Burg: Qh7h7d4d
Rajesh Jhangiani: 10h9h9s8d
Michael Lech: Qd9d8s5d
Angelo Kociper: Qc10c10d4h

The board ran out AsAc7c2s5c and van der Burg quadrupled while Kociper knocked out Jhangiani and Lech.

Angelo Kociper – 51,000
Eric van der Burg – 17,000

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