Cammarota Doubles Through Rollocks

WSOPC Ring Event #10: $1,700 NLHE Main Event
Level 5: Blinds 200-300 BBA 300
88/108 Entries

Shortly after the start of level five, there was some uproar in the tournament room and Alfonso Cammarota leaped out of his seat in celebration. The cards were still exposed while the stack of Cammarota was counted as he scored a large double through table big stack Julian Rollocks.

On the JhJd6d2c3h board, the 6c6h of Cammarota had flopped a full house. Rollocks’ Js9c for trips jacks was no good while a third player in the hand folded queen-jack.

Cammarota doubled for 48,600 and joined the biggest stacks in the room.

Alfonso Cammarota – 115,000
Julian Rollocks – 42,000
Andrew Leathem – 39,000
Felix Sang – 19,000

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