Bonus Stack Update

Event #2: $400 Bonus Stack
Level 9: Blinds 400-800 BBA 800
93 / 166 Remaining

Nine levels have been completed in Ring Event #2 $400 Bonus Stack and a field of 166 entries has emerged thus far with 93 players still in contention. The late registration and re-entry period will conclude when the cards will go back in the air. So far, several players have more than quadrupled their starting stack of 20,000 in chips with Michael Lech and Gabriel Kimyagarov as notable front runners.

Jozef Oneil, Jean-Luc Adam, Vincent Distribue, Belkacem Habassi and Ramses Bislick were just some of the notable casualties so far but several of them opted to buy back in. Also spotted in the field have been Alessio Isaia, Simone Miracoli, Luca Sebastiani, Heather Alcorn and William Cabre, among others.

In the last hand before the break, Remy Gester lost a big pot to Mark Castor when he flopped the top two pair with ace-queen. Castor, however, had the 8d8s for a set of eights on the AdQh8hJh3d board and doubled into a big stack.

Another five levels are scheduled for Day 1 of this WSOPC ring event, as the action will conclude upon completion of level 14. The winner will then be determined on the following day, which features another two ring events as well.

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