Beauvais Escapes From Elimination; Hart Doubles

WSOPC Ring Event #8: $400 Black Chip Bounty
Level 23: Blinds 15,000-30,000 BBA 30,000

7 / 247 Entries

La Sengphet raised to 70,000 in the cutoff and instantly called the shove by Jacky Beauvais for 155,000 on the button.

Jacky Beauvais: AcQd
La Sengphet: Ad2h

The dominated ace got there on the Js5h2d flop and remained ahead on the 7s turn. However, the magical Qh river kept Beauvais in contention.

Soon after, Keith Hart jammed the button for 195,000 with the Kh4d and Sacha Mimouni called in the big blind with the Jd9s. The Ah4c3cKsKd runout gave Hart a full house for the double.

La Sengphet – 1,575,000
Sacha Mimouni – 440,000
Keith Hart – 435,000
Jacky Beauvais – 410,000

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