Balleur Triples; Clarkson Doubles

WSOPC Ring Event #6: $300 PLO
Level 17: Blinds 2,500-5,000
10 / 117 Remaining

Gaetan Balleur had all but the last 2,500 in the middle before the 5d3h3d flop and got them in out of the small blind thereafter. Danny Clarkson pushed from the big blind and Kamel Atoui looked them both up.

Gaetan Balleur: AhQhQc5c
Danny Clarkson: Ac7s4h3c
Kamel Atoui: KcKh9c5s

The 8h turn iproved Balleur and the 6s river ensured that no player would bust. Balleur tripled while Clarkson doubled through Atoui for 88,000.

Kamel Atoui – 255,000
Danny Clarkson – 176,000
Gaetan Balleur – 54,000

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