Amin Chips Up on Second Bullet

WSOPC Ring Event #10: $1,700 NLHE Main Event
Level 5: Blinds 200-300 BBA 300
84/109 Entries

Picking up the action on the Ac5d4s, Hosein Amin in the small blind and the big blind checked. The small blind called a bet worth 1,000 before  on the 6d turn before checking behind the 4c river. Amin won the pot with KdJd, as his opponent only had the 9h8s.

One hand later, Arman Bosnakyan raised to 1,400 and Amin called on the button, the small blind called all-in and Nicolas Brochot also called in the big blind. The KdJh7s flop was checked to Bosnakyan, who bet 2,600. Only Amin called and the Ad turn was checked by Bosnakyan. Amin moved all-in and Bosnakyan folded.

Small blind: 5c2d
Hosein Amin: AcQh

The 3s river was a formality as the short stack was already drawing dead to hit the tail.

Nicolas Brochot – 100,000
Hosein Amin – 60,000
Arman Bosnakyan – 10,500

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