Adam Doubles Through Ramakrishnan

Event #1: $250 NLHE
Level 4: Blinds 100-200 BBA 200
135 / 167 Remaining

While his son Cedric Adam re-entered, father Jean-Luc avoided the same fate for now as he scored a double through Karthik Ramakrishan. In a three-bet pot to the 8h6s4h flop, Adam got his last 9,100 in the middle and Ramakrishan looked him up after he had bet 5,000.

Jean-Luc Adam: 8s7s
Karthik Ramakrishan: AhKs

The 4d turn changed nothing and the 5h river only improved Adam to a straight. Ramakrishan had some 2,500 chips left after the hand and was sent to the rail shortly after.

Jean-Luc Adam 23,500

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