A Quick Glance at the Seniors Event

WSOPC Ring Event #7: $300 Seniors
Level 9: Blinds 400-800 BBA 800

50 / 116 Remaining

Jean-Luc Adam walked out of the tournament area with the head shaking and the words “such a catastrophy”. Whether or not he will be back remains to be seen since the late registration remains open until the start of level ten. Other notable casualties so far include Timothy Cavallin, Henryk Novakowski, Jean Souprayenmestry,  Philippe Culot, Peter Priest, Jean-Claude Ben Moha, Wendy Dickerson, Alexander Orlov and Ricardo Cheng A June.

Assorted counts in the field:

Jean-Pierre Didier – 75,000
Ray Carter – 75,000
Ljubomir Josipovic – 73,000
Jesse Lawrence – 65,000
Peter Hajszan – 57,000
Rigo Vangarelli – 35,000
Albert Balayn – 20,000
Martin Ryan – 15,000

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